Horse Agistment and holiday accomodation - Bairnsdale


Horses are hand fed twice daily with access to unlimited grass and lucerne hay. All feeds are individualised.

They are made and mixed every day being dampened to eliminate dust and only the highest quality feed is sourced and used.

Rugs are provided and included in the price for agistment.

Discounts of 10% will be given to long term spellers (over 10 weeks) and people with more than 3 horses spelling at one time.

Farrier, dentist and vets are additional costs.

Scheduled Fees 2015 (please note that these fees relate to racehorse agistment)

Racehorse Agistment Fees Per Day  (inc GST)

Spellers  $22.00

Weanlings $21.00

Yearlings $21.00

Retirees $16.50

For holiday, short and long term general agistment rates and vacancies please enquire.

Agistment Terms and conditions

All accounts are paid one (1) month in advance and due on 1st of every month.

All horses are wormed and quarantined for up to 5 days on arrival. Wormer provided by Yaraman Park (invoiced to owner). An agistment agreement must be completed before horse enters the property.

Vaccinations for tetanus and strangles need to be up to date and a veterinary certificate provided before any horse is accepted.

All horses remain on the property until all outstanding fees have been settled.

Horse Agistment and holiday accomodation - Bairnsdale
Horse Agistment and holiday accomodation - Bairnsdale
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